How «Good taste club» program works

For each bill sum in any of «GOODMAN» restaurants you earn points as a percentage of the amount that can be used as discounts for subsequent visits to the above restaurants.

Visit restaurant and use «GOOD TASTE CARD» before paying the bill.

Earn from 5% to 20% by points from bill amount.


Use points to pay up to 30% of bill amount in «GOODMAN» restaurants.

Step-by-step instruction for using «Good taste card»:

First step:

Get “Good taste card” from your waiter.

Second step:

Register “Good taste card” in special section of «GOOD Taste Club» program on website of any restaurant.

Third step:

Earn welcome points from «GOOD Taste Club» in registration in program.

Fourth step:

Show your “Good taste card» to waiter before paying the bill.

Fifth step:

Save points in restaurants on «Good taste card».

Sixth step:


Use saved points as a discount to pay up to 30% of bill amount in restaurants.

Seventh step:

Increase «Good taste card» amount by adding funds in restaurants.

Eighth step:

Get additional privileges of member of «GOOD Taste Club» program. Just visit restaurants in your Birthday and follow news in your personal account.

Conditions to earn points to «Good taste card» account:

Earning thresholds Total amount of money spent in all restaurants Percentage of earning points from amount
Threshold 1 From 0,01 to 14 999,99 roubles 5%
Threshold 2 From 15 000 to 29 999,99 roubles 10%
Threshold 3 From 30 000 to 89 999,99 roubles 15%
Threshold 4 From 90 000 roubles and more 20%

Conditions to earn welcome points and reaching new threshold of earning points:

Conception Welcome bonuses Reach 10% Reach 15% Reach 20%
GOODMAN 500 1000 1500 2000

Earn points in the Birthday of «Good taste club» program member:

Member of «Good Taste club» gets welcome points in his Birthday that depend on card threshold. Welcome points are valid only within one week after Birthday including the date of birth, after which they are canceled.

Concept in which card is activated Total threshold of earning in Birthday Welcome points at threshold 1 (5% of earning points) Welcome points at threshold 2 (10% of earning points) Welcome points at threshold 3 (15% of earning points) Welcome points at threshold 4 (20% of earning points)
GOODMAN 20% + 500 1000 1500 2000

Other conditions:


Points are earned but not deducted when using bonus card on delivery. The funds spent in the order for delivery do not increase total balance of the card and, therefore, do not affect the increase in the threshold for points calculation.


Discounts are not summed up. Guest can choose either a discount in the restaurant or earn points to «Good taste card».

Special offers

Points are not earned and not deducted when choosing goods from special offers list as well as the ones participating in special promotions.

Buisiness lunch

Points are earned but not deducted when buying business lunch.

The order of earning threshold increase

Points are earned on the current scale for a purchase that increases threshold for calculating bonuses. New bonus scale will be applied at the next purchase. After the transition to a new bonus scale, automatic gift points are credited once.


Points are cancelled after 6 months from their accrual date.

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