Children love Goodman, because we always welcome them and especially for them are entertainment and educational programs. Something new every weekend.

Okhotnyy ryad, 2
from 15:00 to 19:00

September 1, 2019 (Sunday)
Author's workshop: a Journey among the stars
Space fascinates with its beauty. And flying among the stars often appear to us. What if you embody such a space flight of plasticine and go to the unknown galaxy in search of adventure. Interesting?! Let's do it.

8 September 2019 (Sunday)
Author's workshop: Let's talk
Parrots come from exotic countries. These bright birds have different colors, can be both very small and very large. These tropical birds can only live in an apartment. Let's settle in and you have a feathered friend in the room with him is always more fun.

September 15, 2019 (Sunday)
Author workshop: the city of Elves
From our eyes is hidden a lot of mysteries and all of them is impossible to know, but one we do know. The city of Elves exists and today we will be able to show it to you. You can build your city and put these fabulous creatures there, only Shhh... it's a secret.

22 September 2019 (Sunday)
Author's workshop: Superheroes MARVER and DC
Who are always on guard, who wear a heroic Cape and mask. Of course your favorite comic book superheroes. Fans of Marvel and DC will be especially interested to make a favorite hero of clay. Blind your favorite hero.

29 September 2019 (Sunday)
Author's workshop: Vegetable farm
For a fun game in the store or harvest, you can make vegetables and fruits with their hands from clay. All your favorite fruits and vegetables will be in the handles of your toys. Modeling is a very exciting experience, and after a fun game.

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