Children love Goodman, because we always welcome them and especially for them are entertainment and educational programs. Something new every weekend.

Okhotnyy ryad, 2 
from 15: 00 to 19: 00

06 October (Sunday)
Author's workshop: the Good witch
Flies on a broomstick and wears a hat with a big brim? Of course same this a witch, but not simple, and the most plain any can be find. Helps and lessons to be done in the room to clean up, well on a broom ride.

October 13 (Sunday)
Author's workshop: greetings from Casper!
The kindest Ghost in the world is Casper! He hurt you will not give and will be in the evenings to tell stories about his adventures. You will only have to take the paper, and we will show you how to make Casper.

October 20 (Sunday)
Author's workshop: the crow "CAW, CAW"!
Raven is a very smart and beautiful bird. It is very large and has a black color. No Halloween holiday is complete without decoration in the form of a Raven. This is not a difficult origami and if you do one, it will be very difficult to stop)

October 27 (Sunday)
Author's workshop: garland in the style of Helluin
On this our preparation for the holiday is not over. As without a funny garland with smiling heroes of fairy tales. Good witch, funny bat and the kindest Ghost in the world. Interesting?! So let's start!
Leninsky, 57 
5.11 Happy Saturday 
In each of us there is the sun! Let's Shine and rejoice!
Today you will build real towers, draw the brightest pictures and, of course, create the sun with your own hands.
Master class: solar the Hedgehog 

6.11 Citrus output
Hi there! 
Do you want to know the history of the Citrus Kingdom and taste the fun? 
Then come to us, because today we will visit smeshinka orange! 
Interesting games, aquagrim and a great mood for each guest.

12.11 Enchanting day!
Have you ever been to the land of flowers? Did not fly under the clouds on flower parachutes and did not cook cornflower compote? 
Then come back soon to visit!
Master class: Hearts on a stick 

13.11 the Indian tribe a yo-yo
What a wonderful day! We have a real Indian visiting.
Are you ready for the adventure of the dancing and the beautiful pictures on the faces? Then we are waiting for you! 

19.11 Pirates Of Humansand
Yo-Ho-Ho! It's been a long time since we've been on a trip. Rather on Board, because venous we are going to circumnavigate the world. 
Here is only somewhere got lost map, can you help find? 
Master class: Pirate map

20.11 Royal reception 
Hello, friends! Do you want to ride a unicorn, build a castle and dazzle "weirdo"?
Then come to visit, because you are already waiting for the Princess Lily.

26.11 Wonder tale
Time, friends! We go on a great journey through fairy tales. We will take with us paints, markers and a good mood. 
Are you with us?"
Master class: Magic postcard 

27.11 Times, two, three, as talk, other!
Bright drawings on faces, beautiful crafts and many interesting games are waiting for our young guests today.

Kirovogradskaya str., 13A
from 15: 00 to 19: 00

05 October (Saturday)
Author's workshop: Welcome to Monstropolis " MONSTERS INC»
Halloween is coming and this is a great occasion to make fun monsters on the handle. With them you can play puppet theater, build your Corporation monsters and come up with a lot of fun stories. After all, in Halloween you need to have fun!

06 October (Sunday)
Author's workshop: monster glove " GIVE me FIVE!»
In this original master class, children will create a funny good monster-glove, come up with a name for him and even a small presentation for friends. And for this we will need a variety of bright creative materials and imagination. Believe me, it will be terribly interesting!

October 12 (Saturday)
Author's workshop: Bat " NIGHT FLIGHT»
The main attribute of the feast Of all Saints is a bat. Night animal will be a great decoration in the room or fit to your costume Count Dracula. And also will be a great decoration at a party with friends.

October 13 (Sunday)
Author's workshop: the Original mask " WELCOME TO MEXICO»
Did you know that in the distant Mexico, there is a holiday very similar to Halloween? We invite you to go on an adventure and get acquainted with the traditions of its celebration, as well as - to touch the mysterious culture of Mexico and try on an unusual mask.

October 19 (Saturday)
Author's workshop: surprise Card "CASTLE of COUNT DRACULA" Not everyone will dare to go to visit the world-famous Count Dracula. However, in a creative master class it is not scary at all! We will create a beautiful castle with glowing Windows, and even-decorate crafts surprise voluminous bats.

October 20 (Sunday)
Author's workshop: Preparing for Halloween " MERRY WITCH»
The pointed hat, the big green nose-did you recognize her? Correct! This is a cheerful witch who will be happy to meet boys and girls to teach them to fly on a broomstick, make funny riddles and have unforgettable fun in the run-up to Halloween!

October 26 (Saturday)
Author's workshop: mummy's Eyes " SCARY FUN»
Boo! What's so weird about our plate? It's the eyes of the mummy. Really unusual and interesting decoration for the room on Halloween?! We will teach and show how to make such funny eyes and surprise friends.

October 27 (Sunday)
Author's workshop: skeleton Hand " WHITE BONES»
Feel like a skeleton and make an unusual card-what could be more fun? This is a creative activity for those who love to surprise and be surprised!

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