Meat dishes / Fish and seafood


Beef Stroganoff Goodman

250/250/200/20 g.

Beef tenderloin, fried in creamy mushroom sauce. Served with mashed potatoes and pieces of gherkins.

990 rub. за 250/250/200/20 g.

Salmon steak

220/60 g.

Norwegian salmon steak fried until golden brown, served with lemon.

1 290 rub. за 220/60 g.

Sea Bass

180/50/60/60 g.

The full fish Sea Bass, baked with herbs, served with avocado guacamole,cured tomatoes, paprika and cilantro.

890 rub. за 180/50/60/60 g.

Halibut steak cooked with thyme and green butter. Served with lemon.

1 390 rub. за 220/20/70/50 g.

Tiger chrimp

200/60 g.

Tiger prawns fried with ripe tomatoes and aromatic herbs with the addition of white wine. Served with lemon.

980 rub. за 200/60 g.

Grilled Octopus

150/135 g.

Served with mashed potatoes, fresh cucumbers, tomatoes and cilantro.

1 250 rub. за 150/135 g.

Lamb shank


Lamb shank marinated in spicy sauce. Served with mini potatoes.

950 rub. за 300/150

Crab cakes

130/60 g.

Crab and shrimp cutlets, served with salad leaves, crab and cherry tomatoes.

790 rub. за 130/60 g.

Marbled beef with pickles and tomatoes sauce "Dzadziki" and "Aioli" from jalapenos in crispy tortilla. Garnished with baked eggplant pesto, a mix of salads with cherry tomatoes and jalapenos.

750 rub. за 285/50 g.

Grilled squid

150/130/50 g.

Squid, toasted on the grill. Served with an Italian appetizer - Pameggiano eggplants. Sliced aubergine, roasted in a wood-burning oven, with parmesan cheese, pesto sauce, fresh basil leaves and grated ripe tomatoes

750 rub. за 150/130/50 g.

Fresh mussels stewed in white wine with tomatoes
with the addition of fresh chili pepper, garlic and thyme.
Served with French fries

650 rub. за 410/80 g.

Served with mashed potatoes with cheese, fried spinach, with cherry tomatoes and mushroom sauce.

890 rub. за 170/210 g.

Argentine shrimp, salmon fillet, scallop, octopus. Served with grilled vegetables.

1 890 rub.
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