Cabbage and carrots with homemade mayonnaise and mustard dressing. It is decorated with olive oil, ground pepper and sea salt.

220 rub. за 220 g.

Asparagus, fried on a grill with olive oil.

590 rub. за 100 g

Sweet Bulgarian pepper, zucchini, eggplant and corn cob, fried on a grill.

450 rub. за 200 g

Corn Grill

180 g

Grilled corn cobs are served with parsley.

330 rub. за 180 g

French fries

150 g.

Classic french fries.

330 rub. за 150 g.

Potatoes fried with porcini mushrooms, champignons and onions.

380 rub. за 250 g

Green bean

150 g

Young green beans fried in vegetable oil with garlic.

220 rub. за 150 g

Spinach, stewed in cream with the addition of onions, garlic and nutmeg. Served with Parmesan cheese.

380 rub. за 200 g
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