Roast beef, sweet tomatoes, Iceberg salad, gherkins and sauce.

590 rub. за 250 g.

Marble beef Burger black Angus, ripe tomatoes, iceberg salad, pickled cucumber, red onion. The dish includes French fries, ketchup sauce and mayonnaise

670 rub. за 320/100/40/40 g.

Burger Goodman company

380/100/30 g.

Chopped Black Angus beef, beefsteak tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, pickled cucumbers, Jack Daniels sauce, onion fries. Served with French fries and Barbecue sauce.

790 rub. за 380/100/30 g.

Cheeseburger prime

350/100/45/10 g.

Marbled beef cutlet with Cheddar and Mozzarella cheeses with Cafe de Paris sauce and pickled village cucumbers. Served with french fries, cheese sauce and jalapenos.

790 rub. за 350/100/45/10 g.


20 g.

Fried bacon

150 rub. за 20 g.


40 g.

1 egg

100 rub. за 40 g.

Onion rings

10 g.

Onion rings deep fried.

100 rub. за 10 g.
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