19 December / 2017

GOODWINE BAR - a new meeting place for connoisseurs of good wine in the heart of Moscow

Everyone knows that GOODMAN is not only the legendary steaks, but also an excellent wine list. But it's no secret that a trip to GOODMAN for many is a special event that is planned in advance and even prepared. We wanted to create a special place for everyday meetings with a glass of good wine and a light snack at a more than democratic price. This is how the idea of ​​GOODWINE BAR was born, where, in a pleasant atmosphere after work or on the day off before dinner, you can skip a glass of wine in a pleasant company, talk, if you want, a snack.

Together with the company Simple, Goodman developed a capacious, but various wine list, where all the wines can be tasted by glasses from 250 to 350 rubles. The selection principle was as follows: wines with the best price-quality ratio from the most successful wine producers from around the world.

About food: The menu is created exclusively for a wine card: a salad with a duck breast, pates, bruscottes, and various assorted - cheese, fish and meat. And if you want more satisfying dishes, you can order burgers: with beef cheeks or lamb, with roast beef or a classic burger from marble beef. The average check for a guest is 500-700 rubles. A visit to GOODWINE BAR should be an easy solution for mosvichi. What could be better? Carefully selected wines, a pleasant bar atmosphere, light and tasty snacks, if desired, the evening can be continued on the second floor in the steakhouse.


GOODWINE BAR regularly hosts wine workshops with the tasting of the most interesting and popular wines in different countries with the participation of the best sommeliers of Simple. The participants of the workshops can experience and learn to distinguish the aromatic features of wines and evaluate them as real sommeliers. The program of the workshop not only tasting wines with a full immersion in history, but also a dinner with perfectly selected dishes from the chef.


Novinsky boulevard, 31, Novinsky Trade Center, 2 nd floor

OPENING SOON! Okhotny Ryad, 2, TG "Fashion season", 1 floor

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