About Goodman

The first restaurant “GOODMAN” was opened in Moscow in 2004. Becoming the founder of steak house segment in Russia, GOODMAN successfully keeps its leading positions, remaining an undisputed expert and trend setter in this field. 11 restaurants in Moscow, 1 stake house in Novosibirsk and 1 more in Kiev have been opened within 13 years of work.

3 cults are followed in “GOODMAN”.



We think that steaks are the most pleasant addiction to be indulged. Our chefs and technologists have traveled all over Russia and the whole world in search of the best meat and technology for cooking our steaks. We know everything about our steaks: where and how the bulls are bred, how the beef is stored and delivered, and the best way to cook and serve steaks.

We were the first in Russia to use a dry-aging chamber. Dry aging process is complex and expensive, therefore only real professionals choose this technology. Meat loses in weight up to 60% and its storage time is shortened in the process of maturing, but it acquires an unusually rich taste, for which it is appreciated by gourmets all over the world.

We cook meat on natural coal in a special oven - Josper to reveal the taste of steak and achieve proper roasting.

"GOODMAN" actively develops a culture of meat consumption in our country.”GOODMAN” was the first restaurant where stakes of the highest level (grade) of marbleness Prime appeared. It was our restaurant where many guests learned about the international quality scale of marble meat and got opportunity to taste steaks of different marble grades. The system of dividing beef into ranks, depending on their marble degree, was first developed by the US Department of Agriculture. "GOODMAN" was the first to offer premium brunch to guests and tell guests about the internationally accepted quality scale of marble beef.

Our cooks and waiters, managers and technicians, every single “GOODMAN”'s employee is first and foremost a meat specialist because meat does not tolerate non-professionals.



The wine menu includes more than 100 kinds of wines carefully collected from around the world by experienced sommeliers. The main selection criteria are quality, reputation of the manufacturer, democratic prices, which will pleasantly surprise you in "GOODMAN" and compatibility with meat dishes.

Being picky in wine today is as natural and prestigious as understanding art. The main guideline in choosing wine should always be your own taste. And, of course, an experienced sommelier help, who will be able to suggest the most optimal combination of wines and dishes, such as “GOODMAN” sommelier.

We prepared a special wine master class for those who want to expand their wine horizons. Our master class will acquaint you with tasting rules, teach you to determine wine bouquet and its character, will help you choose the right wine for your favorite dish. And most importantly - you will open a completely new culture, a culture of wine that does not leave anyone indifferent to those who come into contact with it.



We firmly believe that restaurant is not only a place where you serve food and drinks. This is the place for us where guest receives gastronomic impressions, experiences vivid emotions and experiences. We brainy understand our guests: the waiter knows for sure that you like medium rare, that you prefer Brunello di Montalcino at this time of the day, and it’s necessary to bring water to espresso. Our adult experienced waiters are always attentive to our guests, many of whom have become true friends of “GOODMAN”.

Our goal is satisfied guests. Client-oriented, individual approach to every guest in our restaurants is not just benevolence, it's motivational programs for guests, gifts from the restaurant for birthdays and a special Goodtaste Club bonus program.

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