Children love “GOODMAN” because we are always happy for them and our  entertainment and development programs are specially conducted for them. Every weekend we prepare something new.

Timetable of master classes for children in “GOODMAN”

Goodman on Okhotny Ryad, 2, from 3 pm to 7 pm

June 2-3

Author's master class: Archaeological finds. Dinosaur skeleton.

What child did not dream to plunge into the ancient eras wonders, understand how the ancient inhabitants of our planet lived and how they looked like. Amazing master class will let children tap into one of the most interesting scientific areas of archeology and make their unique discovery learning more and more previously uncharted facts about dinosaurs.

June 10-11

Author's master class: High-speed yacht. We are preparing for summer regatta. Summer has finally come and it's impossible to stay at home when warm sun rays lure to start new adventure! Сhildren will create an unusual boat from materials at hand under strict guidance of instructor. It will be possible to float this boat on the river, take it to the rest and even bathe in the bathroom. It will become a true value for the child.

June 16-17

Author's master class: Gift to daddy. Father’s sweet day. Dad can do anything! This phrase has become so famous for a definite reason. It’s the purest truth. Daddy is a joy, support and reliable protection. This is the day when children will share their warmth with those whom they love so sincerely - with their fathers. And what could be better than a real sweet gift. Just don’t forget to leave a piece for yourself.

June 23-24

Author's master class: Fishing rod, bait, creative! Catch, fish ... Fishing is a real fun! Especially if you make all the fish yourself - any shapes, colorful cloth and bright buttons! It remains only to learn a lot of interesting facts about fishing, its basics, catch fish and bravely go home to feed your teddy cat.

June 30 - July 1

Author's master class: Piñata-ice cream. Create and smile! Piñata is a summer fun that has come to us from hot Mexico. We dare to assure you that Mexicans know a lot about fun and real joys. Piñata is a hollow papier-mache figure which is decorated and filled with surprises (candy, confetti, small toys, whatever). It is broken as part of a ceremony or celebration. Feelings are similar to finding a treasure. Cool emotions! On our holiday children can create their own piñata and even in the form of their favorite summer sweets - ice cream.


Сhildren's animator each weekend from 2 pm to 8 pm.

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