Country Rancho
990 rub.

Country Rancho

300g. (raw)

Steak from the neck-scapular part of a bull-calf. 120 days of grain fattening bull. The degree of marbling is low.

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Also recommend

Filet Mignon & Foie Gras

130/45/60 g.

Refined steak fillet-mignon with foie gras, asparagus and cherry sauce is served with seasonal fruits and crispy croutons.

1 490 rub.for 130/45/60 g.

Chateau De Paris

100/110/40 g.

A dish in the best traditions of French cuisine: steak Château-Brian with fried spinach and baked on charcoal sweet pepper. Served with sauce "Cafe de Paris".

1 490 rub.for 100/110/40 g.
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