Roast beef, mix of green salads, cherry tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, gherkins, blue cheese and pine nuts under a spicy dressing.

750 rub. за 200 g

Crab meat, ripe avocado and Frize salad, seasoned with sauce
Mango with ginger and lime juice.

980 rub. за 200 g

Classic American cuisine: incredibly nutritious salad with steak, fresh avocado, sun dried tomatoes, spinach, young potatoes and red onions. Special spiciness of the salad is given by the sauce "Cimichurri"

750 rub. за 235 g

Crab meat with celery, apple and salad mix, with honey and mustard dressing

за 220 g

Sour beef, salad mix, pear, dor-blue cheese, walnut, honey, blue-cheese sauce, olive oil

за 160 g

Smoked trout with mini-potatoes, lettuce root leaves, chicken egg, carrot and red onion with spicy sauce.

за 250 g

Salad from cabbage and carrots, dressed with mayonnaise and mustard dressing, is served with crab phalanxes.

690 rub. за 300 g

Duck breast, cooked on a grill, served with cherry tomatoes, lettuce leaves, radish, orange pulp, walnuts and pine nuts under raspberry sauce.

590 rub. за 195 g

Roasted chicken fillet on leaves of Romano salads and Iceberg with Caesar sauce and grated Parmesan cheese. Served with crispy toast.

590 rub. за 245 g

Juicy tiger prawns on leaves of salads Romano and Iceberg with sauce "Caesar" and grated Parmesan. Served with crispy toast.

750 rub. за 245 g


400 g

Tuna fillet, fried in olive oil in spices, served with tomatoes, olives, capers, Kenyan beans and potatoes, salad dressed with "Nicoise" sauce.

790 rub. за 400 g
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