Meat dishes / Fish and seafood


Choice beef tenderloin in creamy porcini sauce with mashed potatoes. Served in rye bread.

990 rub. за 300/250 g.

Salmon steak

220/60 g.

Norwegian salmon steak fried until golden brown, served with lemon.

790 rub. за 220/60 g.

Sea Bass

180/50/60/60 g.

The full fish Sea Bass, baked with herbs, served with avocado guacamole,cured tomatoes, paprika and cilantro.

890 rub. за 180/50/60/60 g.

Halibut steak cooked with thyme and green butter. Served with lemon.

1 390 rub. за 220/60 g.

Tiger chrimp

200/60 g.

Tiger prawns fried with ripe tomatoes and aromatic herbs with the addition of white wine. Served with lemon.

980 rub. за 200/60 g.

Grilled Octopus

200/140 g.

Served with mashed potatoes, fresh cucumbers, tomatoes and cilantro.

1 250 rub. за 200/140 g.

Crab cakes

130/60 g.

Crab and shrimp cutlets, served with salad leaves, crab and cherry tomatoes.

790 rub. за 130/60 g.

Eggplants baked in a wood oven, stuffed with juicy minced lamb with sweet peppers, onions and cilantro, combined with tomato sauce and pieces of tender feta cheese

650 rub. за 460 g.

Grilled catfish

500/50 g.

African (marble) catfish cooked over charcoal

890 rub. за 500/50 g.

Grilled squid

150/130/50 g.

Squid, toasted on the grill. Served with an Italian appetizer - Pameggiano eggplants. Sliced aubergine, roasted in a wood-burning oven, with parmesan cheese, pesto sauce, fresh basil leaves and grated ripe tomatoes

750 rub. за 150/130/50 g.

Served in a pot with white baguette croutons.

790 rub. за 390/40 g.

Served in a pot with white baguette croutons.

590 rub. за 330/40 g.

Served with mashed potatoes with cheese, fried spinach, with cherry tomatoes and mushroom sauce.

890 rub. за 170/210 g.

Argentine shrimp, salmon fillet, scallop, octopus. Served with grilled vegetables.

1 890 rub.

Tongue on the grill

175/45/30 g.

Beef tongue with eggplant, roasted in a wood-fired oven, with hot peppers and cilantro in combination with traditional walnut sauce

950 rub. за 175/45/30 g.
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